Roof Maintenance FAQ

Can moss buildup cause my roof to leak?
Heavy moss can cause water to back up the roof enough to run over the top of the shingles. The buildup should be removed. Moss retains soil and moisture that could harm the wood over time.
My cedar shake roof is surrounded by tall fir trees and the needles accumulate in the spaces between the shakes. Should I have these cleaned out periodically?
Yes, it is a good idea to have a professional clean the debris off your roof. Cedar needs to breathe, and therefore any accumulation of needles, branches, leaves and dirt will affect its lifespan.
What can I do to prevent moss buildup on my cedar roof?
Zinc or copper strips nailed at the ridge cap can be used to control moss for a limited number of courses. Reaction between rain and the zinc or copper forms a mild solution that is carried down sections of the roof for two or three feet. The optional use of these strips can be eliminated if you are using Certi-Last® products. Complete care and maintenance recommendations are available in the CSSB’s Care & Maintenance Brochure.
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